See also the page of examples of using the PlanetMapper GUI

class planetmapper.gui.GUI(allow_open: bool = True)[source]

Bases: object

Class to create and run graphical user interface to fit observations.

This class does not usually need to be run directly, as a GUI can be created directly from an planetmapper.Observation object using planetmapper.Observation.run_gui(), or by calling planetmapper from the command line.

click_locations: list[tuple[float, float]]

List of click locations marked on the plot in (x, y) pixel coordinates.

This list is cleared whenever a new observation is opened.

run() None[source]

Run the GUI.

set_observation(observation: Observation) None[source]

Set the observation used in the GUI.

For example, to run the GUI with the data in 'europa.fits', use:

gui = planetmapper.gui.GUI()

observation – Observation to fit.